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What we do

We are the catalyst for early-stage B2B SaaS startups, enabling them to unlock the full potential of cloud marketplaces and partner relationships, ultimately driving sustainable revenue growth, customer acquisition and customer retention.


Cloud Go-To-Market (GTM) Coaching


Cloud Marketplace Mastery


Partnership Growth Enablement

About Me

Hi, I’m Amin.

I’m the Principal of Drag

I’m a Partnerships leader with 15+ years driving partnerships with AWS, Microsoft, GCP, and Alibaba.

I drive rapid revenue growth and market expansion by scaling high-impact partnership channels. My expertise includes establishing $40M+ alliance programs, architecting co-selling GTM frameworks with AWS, Azure and GCP to accelerate sales, and recruiting ISVs & SIs to fuel new customer acquisition.

I’m here to share my knowledge and help you efficiently navigate co-marketing, co-selling, and co-building, ensuring a faster, more effective partnership-led journey to new customer acquisition and revenue generation.

Partners worked with

Discover best practices to drive revenue, retention, and development through strategic partnerships. Lay the groundwork for sustained cloud GTM success.
Establish a well-aligned cross-functional partnering strategy. Build executive consensus on leveraging partner strengths to achieve objectives.
Prioritize partnerships with the highest strategic value. Foster joint capabilities to accelerate go-to-market initiatives.
Operationalize co-selling and co-marketing to realize economic benefits. Execute revenue-driving initiatives together.

Sales Performance Coaching

Personalized Sales Coaching Services

We deliver hands-on coaching to advance cloud sales skills:

GTM Strategy & Messaging:

  • Co-Selling Best Practices
  • Cloud Partnership Execution
  • Tactical Opportunity Planning


  • Upskill Sales Teams Through 1:1 Guidance
  • Optimize Partnerships & Accelerate Deals
  • Tailored Sessions or Comprehensive Initiatives
  • Integrated With Existing Goals & Enablement

Take your cloud sales strategies and partnerships to the next level through customized coaching designed for your sellers’ specific development needs and timelines.

GTM Strategy Development

Accelerate Growth Through Strategic Partnerships

We deliver:

  • Targeted Partnership Strategy
  • Channel & Alliance Sales Plans
  • Co-GTM Activation Tactics
  • Program Design & Governance
  • Leadership Alignment

Our proven playbook drives partnership-fueled growth by:

  1. Identifying high-impact alliances and channels
  2. Defining roles, ownership, and governance
  3. Enabling operational co-selling motions
  4. Providing executive support for alignment
  5. Ongoing mentoring for optimization

Speed time-to-revenue by focusing partnerships, streamlining execution, and continually maximizing strategic value.

Fractional Channel & Alliances Leadership

We deliver seasoned alliance executives to fill interim leadership roles:

  • Strategic Partnership Planning
  • Active Co-Selling & Recruiting
  • Program Enablement & Governance
  • Executive Alignment


  • Dedicated Fractional VP or Sr. Director Focused Exclusively on Your Partners
  • Flexible 3-12 Month Engagements Ensure Immediate Returns
  • Maintain Internal Focus on Core Business

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